“I’ve used Wonderflex for years, ever since I was introduced to it by my art professor in undergrad probably around 1997.   In grad school our costume shop used quite a bit of Fosshape for hats and faux armor.  I now use Wonderflex primarily for mask, puppet, and prop construction in theatre.  As a matter of fact I’m a professor myself now in technical theatre and design and I use it in a Jan term Mask Making course I teach every other year.  As I’m sure a lot of folk do, I wish it was a bit less expensive, but such is life.  I’ve also had good luck using Adapt-It thermoplastic pellets to add small details like horns as it adheres well to the Wonderflex if they’re both hot.”-Aaron M Dyszelski

“We absolutely love the fosshape 600 and use it as the bases for most of our headpieces, in fact, the all gold circular headpiece was all Fosshape with a leather affixed in top of it, and then gold leafed. It was a dream to work with. We’ve not yet tried the Wonderflex and are excited to start experimenting with it!” -Christopher Provyn

“I love that it is lightweight, holds structure well and can be painted, leafed or covered with fabric.” -Janet Gershenfeld

“I am the props master for the Yale Repertory Theater and teach the props class for the school of drama. I ordered a sample of wonderflex to experiment with in our props class. I, and the students, love it. Our class is only 6-8 students, so one sheet lasted us a while for use in making mask modifications and other small projects… I feel like I’m sharing an industry secret when I show people what wonderflex can do.”  -Jen McClure

“It’s my favorite mask-making material.” -Elizabeth Flauto

“I found Fosshape accidentally in an internet search.  I don’t remember what I searched, but I think I found it on either Youtube or Pinterest.  I was instantly excited about it.  What an incredibly versatile material!  I love how you can sew and shape this and how wonderfully lightweight it is.  My first projects turned out fantastic.” -Janna Perry

“I’m absolutely in love with Fosshape! It’s easy to sew, manipulate, airbrush and embellish! It truly has been a costumer miracle!” -Varla Va Voom

“Overall, the materials were a joy to use, and we look forward to making more creations with them.” -Eric J Auger, Creative Director TEN31 Productions, Inc.